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Museum Diaries


The Museum Diaries is a series that provides viewers extraordinary access to forty

galleries and six million artifacts from the comfort of their own home. As each curator leads us

on a journey of exploration, we discover their personal passion for their field of research, bear

witness to the logistical and technological limitations which often frustrate them and experience  the triumph and euphoria of their breakthroughs and discoveries – together, they forge the  modern-day diaries of the Royal Ontario Museum.


Produced for TVO, in association with The Royal Ontario Museum. Premieres in February 2014.



The Maestro & The Master: Building The New Mariinsky


Is a one hour documentary following the completion of the Mariinsky II Opera House in St. Petersburgh, Russia.  This is the first opera house built since the time of the Czars.   Ontarian, Jack Diamond and his firm were awarded the coveted contract as Lead Architect.  Jack Diamond together with Mariinsky’s famous Conductor, Valery Gergiev, work in tandem to overcome differences in cultural business acumen,  Russian bureaucracy, inclement weather, construction delays, and controversial design criticism to complete this master piece in architecture and superb opera quality design.


Produced for TVO & Knowledge Network Premieres Fall 2014.




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Deadly By Design


Recipient of a Gold Remi Award at the Worldfest - Houston International Film & Video Festival 2014

In less than six months, Canada experienced the largest cluster of drug related deaths in its history. Environmental disasters were occurring in rural areas as well as major citiesÖCanadian made pills were flooding the streets of the US, Australia and Japan. This is the grim reality of the multibillion-dollar illegal synthetic drug industry that has arisen in Canada during the last decade.


Canada is not only a CONSUMER but a PRODUCER and International DISTRIBUTOR.


For almost twenty years traffickers have been designing drugs made by blending synthetic substances with household medicines easily available in your local pharmacy. The recipes are found on the web and are intended to produce effects similar to or stronger than their organic counterparts. Now, for the first time, cocaine and heroin consumption is declining while synthetic drugs are on the rise. These drugs are manufactured in clandestine labs with little or no consideration for cleanliness, safety or purity of ingredients.


This documentary explores the very lucrative Meth & Ecstasy drug industry by investigating how the raw ingredients are accumulated; the pills are produced; and then distributed both domestically and internationally and how law enforcement agencies are coping with the situation. Through poignant and revealing interviews with people involved in all stages of this growing industry, the film presents a clear picture of how Canada is now one of the world's leading producers and distributors of Ecstasy & Meth.

Produced for CBC's Doc Zone this documentary premiered in October 2013.

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Blowout: Is Canada Next?

This Documentary tracks the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and transposes the oil spill to Canada's very own Grand Banks. By detailing the latest scientific findings in the Gulf of Mexico, the documentary builds a picture of what an offshore drilling catastrophy would look like on Canada's east coast. On May 10, 2010, Chevron began drilling Canada's deepest exploration oil well. Compared to the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf, exploration drilling in Canada is in water two times deeper and six times further out to sea where the North Atlantic's treacherous waters and extreme weather variations make it one of the world's toughest environments for drilling. What if a blowout happened here?

Recipient of the Special Jury Awards,Worldfest - Houston International Film & Video Festival 2011.

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Prokofiev: The Unfinished Diary

All that is certain about Sergei Prokofiev is that he was a musical genius and one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.

This co-production between France and Canada investigates the mystery of Prokofiev's life and the magnificence of his art. Through his precious diaries, finally released on the 50th anniversary of his death in 2003, and the prism of some of his most extraordinary musical creations, Prokofiev's enigmatic story is told.

Directed by Yosif Feyginberg, this multiple-award-winning co-production premiered on Bravo! in October, 2009.

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Tosca: Flexing at 49

This inspiring eight-part half hour doc series follows Tosca Reno, 49 year old author, fitness model and a mother of five as she gets ready to compete for what may be her last chance in a body building competition. Can she still balance her complicated family, an insanely busy career and intense training?

A Gemini Winner 2010!

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A six-part series for Travel + Escape in which a group of twenty-somethings climb on board a bus bound for the hottest destinations along the stunning coast of Australia. Anything can and does happen as they push their own boundaries and live outside their comfort zone. Amidst incredible scenery, a lifetime of funny, passionate and unforgettable experiences are depicted before your very eyes and, at the end of the whirlwind journey, the travelers know they will never be the same.

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What A Booty!

What a Booty is one female filmmaker's fun and sexy body-image-boosting quest that focuses on a very 'cheeky' body part: the 'booty'. Inspired by society's current fascination with the backside, Director Tatyana Terzopoulos explores the lives of three fascinating people on unique missions to celebrate the 'beauty of the booty', while testing her own body cofidence along the way. A variety of fun segments support and compliment the journey, including a message from 80's hit rapper, Sir Mix-A-Lot and the animated adventures of a bootyful new heroine, "Booty Girl"!

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The Pleasure Zone

Embarking on a journey of deep sensual intimacy may be the bravest and most challenging thing these couples will ever do. Created for and airing on travel + escape, The Pleasure Zone is a series of six hour-long documentaries that follows Canadian couples as they take an emotional journey to true intimacy in exotic locations around the world.

Walk With Us

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Walk With Us

This one-hour documentary gives a unique insight into internationally-acclaimed, award-winning artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, whose ephemeral and often mesmerizing "Audio-Walks" and other sound-based art often envelop observers in a sense of altered reality.

Bee Talker

This fascinating and visually stunning hour-long documentary looks into the secrets of the hive. We are accompanied on this voyage of discovery by an artist who works with bees and a scientist who is seeking to break the code at the heart of bee behaviour - an urgent quest considering the threats against bees - and by extension - humans.

A Team for Peace

This international co-production follows the turbulent and triumphant story of a group of adolescent Israeli and Palestinian soccer players, brought together to compete as a team on the world stage.

I Was A Teenage Feminist

Interviewing everyone from Gloria Steinem to her own mother, filmmaker Therese Shechter's takes us on intensely personal rediscovery of what being a feminist means.

Jean's Marines

The inspiring story of a group of 40 - 60 year old women, led by Dr. Jean Marmoreo, who overcame incredible obstacles to cross the finish line of the grueling Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.

Daughters of Afghanistan

This international co-production tells the powerful tale of several brave women, including the renowned Dr. Sima Simar, who are rebuilding their lives and their country after years of the crushing Taliban rule. ghanisn ng Taliban rule.

Falling from the Sky

26 years after the fall of Saigon, one of the tiny orphan survivors of a catastrophic plane crash returns to Viet Nam as a young woman 'in search of her soul'.


Tyler's Barrel

Tyler's Barrel chronicles the lost hopes and damned dreams of an isolated young man's dangerous obsession with going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.


Chasing the Dream

This exhilarating hour-long documentary delves into the complex and intensely competitive world of International Women's Hockey.


Black Light Dreams: 25 years of the Famous People Players

This touching hour-long doc reveals the beautiful heart of Canada's inspirational, world famous, mentally challenged theatre troupe.


The Bunny Years

The Bunny Years is a revealing and fascinating look at the first women behind the famous Playboy icon.


Angry Angels

This hour long doc brings us inside the explosive world of violent young girls who are anything but 'sugar and spice and all things nice.'

  Balance of Power

Journalist Jane Taber takes us inside the bastions of power and politics to tell the stories of several prominent women and uncovers how they survive being part of the governing institutions.

  Our Daughter's Pain

Shocking and at times horrifying, this award-winning documentary exposes the world of female genital mutilation in Canada today.

 Gravel Magnet

Commissioned by the CBC, this doc celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the great accomplishments of the century, the building of the Alaska Highway.

 Voices of Change

Created in conjunction with the Beijing Conference on Women, this two-hour, award-winning special explores the changing role of women around the world.

To Heal the Spirit

Shot in Kinston's infamous Prison for Women, this raw documentary lets us share in the struggle of Native Women trying to heal.

 Getting Out

An hour-long documentary that uncovers the promise and pain of several Native Women struggling to survive life after prison.

Cambodia: The Struggle for Peace

Originally made for CBC, this is an intimate look at a country trying to move away from violence in the 1990's.